Dr. Kings Assassination.

It's apparent that Biden has no grasp of, and is certainly not a student of cultural history.

Information and News Sites.

Information/News Sites - Willie made mention of this in our #300 Episode of The Morning Report. Here are news sites where we get our...

Looking Ahead.

There appears to be an unnatural fixation on the Presidential Election of 2024. Many are waiting with bated breath an announcement or...

Delta Airlines CEO.

It is readily discernable that the Delta CEO hasn’t read the recently passed election reform bill in Georgia. Delta CEO calls new Georgia...

Democracy Dies in Darkness.

Democracy Dies in Darkness according to the Washington Post and their masthead. It also dies with Joe Biden and his outright lie about...

Wisconsin Nursing Home Deaths.

Following in the state of New York's path, Wisconsin has revised their deaths in Nursing Homes for the past year. The Evers...

Biden Press Conference.

Will, there be a transcript of today's press conference and will it be edited for clarity? Asking for a friend.

Edited for Clarity?

A recent interview of Biden by ABC News' George Stephanopoulos on March 16, 2021. The transcript which follows has an interesting caveat...

Changes to our Elections. 3 of 3.

Currently, the bill known as H.R. 1 or more commonly known as the Corrupt Politicians Act is making its way through Congress. What...

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