People Will do what they do.

Pelosi Responds to Columbus Statue Thrown Into Harbor So Nancy Pelosi is essentially saying, "kids will be kids?" I thought we were a...


I'm disappointed and a bit puzzled at the complete lack of support from Hive. I've got a new account and yet completely unable to log...

Zero Clue.

‘Zero clue what he’s saying’: Joe Biden’s latest at-home speech features call to ‘re-write our economy’ and other… interesting moments 40...

COVID19 - A lower Death Rate.

A lower COVID-19 death rate is nothing to celebrate. The opinion piece from Newsday's Max Nisen and its headline give the impression of...

COVID19 - 4th Case.

#bayfieldwi #covid19 #communityspread #wisconsin #ashlandwi

Silent March

#bayfieldwi #racism #silentmarch #church #4ofjuly

Mask Mandate.

Sen. Baldwin asks feds for emergency safety orders Senator Baldwin goes on to say - Wisconsin senator tells regulators businesses trying...

COVID19 Wisconsin.

This is the latest posting from our local county health folks. The three confirmed cases are from back in March of this year. The death...

Gun Control Begins.

As of this morning, if you buy more than one handgun in a month, you could be headed to prison for a year, as Virginia has re-enacted...

Math is hard?

#covid19 #pandemic #math #bigpicture

Defunding the Police?

$1.5B in NYPD cuts not enough for AOC: ‘Defunding police means defunding police’ Funny how any of these articles never seem to offer any...

Pandemic, Really?

Mathematical Facts: Out of 7.5 billion people, on earth, there are 9.5 million cases of Covid 19. This is .001266 percent. Nuff...

Safer at Home? Maybe Not.

During the past three weeks, an outbreak of demonstrations, looting, and rioting has been splashed across our various viewing screens for...

No Dining for you!

So you can't go out to eat in NYC but you can go out to loot and riot.

All Comments Matter.

Going with the trend here I’m wondering why Facebook wants to do my thinking for me. They’ve not called, written, or come to my house to...

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