How we vote in elections...Part 2.

This is a follow up to How we vote in elections. This is not an original list or ideas with me, but rather from the good folks at The Heritage Foundation. As I wrote previously, until such time as we move from simply talking about how bad our voting system is and begin to make significant changes, it is all just talk. Being dismissive of such change and proposals, to me indicates that you are perfectly happy with the cheating and corruption that has been going on with our cur

How we vote in elections.

After the dumpster fire of the Presidential Election of November 2020, there has been a great outcry regarding the process. While there is much sound and fury and protest there have been little if any specific recommendations or corrections. Submitted for your approval, and your recommendations and suggestions are welcome. All voting processes other than the individual's right and the act of voting need to be open and transparent. The voting method needs to be available and a

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