Are you Awake?

Are you awake? Really awake! You’ve not hit the snooze button several times? Ok, so now that we’ve determined that you’re awake, let move next to, are you paying attention? No, not just listening while you check TikTok or the sports scores. Are you truly paying attention? So now that you’re awake and paying attention. Meeting both of these criteria, let’s review what has been transpiring over the past 26 days. Unadorned and undisguised, flagrant and shameless #voterfrau

Voter Fraud, coming soon to an election near you.

Voter Fraud, coming soon to an election near you. No, it’s not just a clickbait or phrase to get you to read this. There are now two states that are throwing open the doors for potential voter fraud in the upcoming presidential election. Your Right to Vote Is Sacred. Don’t Give It Up However, the states of Pennsylvania and Vermont are opening their own can of worms, for the upcoming Presidential Election on November 3, 2020. Each state has it’s own parochial approach to h

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