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Now nearly a year later of keeping numbers and such. 0.10103448275862% of the residents of the state of Wisconsin have died as a result of the pandemic. 95% of those who are cases have recovered. For the year 2017, the last year that the Wisconsin Department of Health Services has published data, there were 52,679 deaths for the year. Approximately nine times as many people died in 2017 than have died from COVID-19 over the past year. Yet, I don't remember any mask mandates,

Big Problems with Big Testing...

Why mass PCR testing of the healthy and asymptomatic is currently counter-productive The CDC’s document on testing guidance now includes the following information: If you do not have COVID-19 symptoms and have not been in close contact with someone known to have a COVID-19 infection: You do not need a test. A negative test does not mean you will not contract an infection at a later time. If you decide to be tested, you should self-isolate at home until your test results are k

Non-mask-wearers as murderers...

We are truly living in a Bizzaro world. Horowitz: Democrat calls for treating non-mask-wearers as murderers, while actual murderers are released from jail. #masks #covid19 #maskmandate #murder

Health Department Transparency?

The Bayfield County Health Department seems to have their own interpretation of the data they are putting out to their constituents and residents of the county. Given the continued “oh woe is me,” and “bring out your dead,” mantra, it is beginning to become a tiresome regurgitation of the party line. The population of Bayfield County is 15,048. Bayfield County - 21 confirmed cases. = 0.13955342902711% of county residents Bayfield County - 3 active cases = 0.01993620414673%

COVID19 and our Health.

COVID19 has given local, state, and federal governments the appearance and presumption of caring about the health of their respective residents and constituents. The faux concern flies in the face of the proliferation of consumption of fast food and pre-packaged meals, among other things for families. Where is the outcry, weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth over the health issues of - 300,000 deaths per year due to obesity 480,000 deaths per year due to smoking 88,000 d

Mask Free Shopping.

Attention - Business Owners and Retailers in our county, our state, and beyond. Your business has the chance to be a LEADER in the retail industry by offering this: "Special shopping hours for those without a mask." At the beginning of this situation, many retailers had special shopping hours for seniors and the disabled. It’s time for you to PROVIDE THIS RIGHT NOW: SPECIAL SHOPPING HOURS FOR THOSE WITHOUT A MASK Curbside shopping or e-commerce delivery is not fair and equal


QUESTION(s): Regarding Pandemic Protocols. 1) After shopping at the local grocery store, do we leave the masks on once we leave, or does the virus just stay in the stores? - If we leave it on, then for how long? - How many miles can I drive before it is safe to remove the mask? 2) What about my fingers, arms, legs, head, and toes? Should I disinfect them BEFORE or AFTER I remove my mask? After all, they were exposed at the store. 3) When we arrive home from the grocery store

Bayfield County Emergency Mask Advisory

Effective Friday, July 17, 2020 at 8:00 am, Ashland and Bayfield County Public Health are issuing an Emergency Advisory which stipulates that everyone age 5 and older wear a face covering or mask when in any enclosed building where other people, except for members of the person ’s own household or living unit could be present. This advisory applies to all of Ashland and Bayfield County. From the joint press release of Ashland county and Bayfield county Health Departments. Th

Mask Data.

This article will provide many links, some long and some short, to assist you in doing your due diligence on whether wearing a mask is right for you or if it even makes sense. CIDRAP Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy COMMENTARY: Masks-for-all for COVID-19 not based on sound data Data lacking to recommend broad mask use We do not recommend requiring the general public who do not have symptoms of COVID-19-like illness to routinely wear cloth or surgical masks be

So Masks?

(HT: Willie Lawson of I SAW THIS AND I FEEL IT NEEDS PASSED AROUND! For all you mask wearers (especially those of you who think wearing it outside is NOT stupid 🤦🏼‍♀️). I know I’m about to burst your “google doctor degree” bubble, but here goes nothing. So Masks? I am OSHA certified. I know some of you are too. I don’t really know WHY OSHA hasn’t come forward and stopped the nonsense BUT I want to cover 3 things • N95 masks and masks with exhale ports •

Mask Mandate.

Sen. Baldwin asks feds for emergency safety orders Senator Baldwin goes on to say - Wisconsin senator tells regulators businesses trying to follow guidelines are on 'an uneven playing field' Well, Senator, your statement has a clue. These are state or county or local guidelines. They are open to interpretation and do not have the weight of law or state statute. Also, can you please cite where having the Federal Government issue health guidelines is found in our Constituti

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