Biden Maskless...

And just a few hours after signing an Executive order (see below), here is Biden at the Lincoln Memorial, a federal property, not wearing a mask. Another photo taken at the event shows many others without masks as well. More statist, do as I say, and not as I do? Note that there doesn't appear to be any penalty for non-compliance to the Executive order. Therefore, if Biden and his party can ignore the Executive order, so can we. Executive Order on Protecting the Federal W

Compare and Contrast...

We are now just passing the seven-week mark of Governor Evers issuance of a statewide mask mandate in Wisconsin. The order is due to expire on September 28, 2020, eight days from now. There are some news reports that the governor is seeking to extend his order, however, I’ve seen no verifiable reports that this will occur at this time. The City of Bayfield adopted a city-wide ordinance requiring face coverings back on July 15, 2020, and the ordinance is open-ended with no f

Saturday In the Park.

Nancy can't seem to make up her mind... Pelosi Backtracks — Now Says Feeble Biden Can Debate Trump, “He’ll Be Great as a Debater” And we're surprised about her flip flop why? The peaceful protesters have moved east. Seattle Antifa group arrested in Kenosha with riot gear, controlled substances Well, which is it? Could it be due to the fact that it's unconstitutional and anti-science? Harris Walks Back Promise of Nationwide Mask Mandate Yet another, and we should be surprised

Joe Biden's mask 'mandate?'

Biden has stated that on Day one of his administration there will be a nationwide mask mandate. When you do the math, Joe's talking about 152 days or five months from now. Do you understand its never been about your health and it is all about government control of the people? Joe Biden's mask 'mandate' wouldn't work and isn't needed #joebiden #maskmandate #covid19 #pandemic

Non-mask-wearers as murderers...

We are truly living in a Bizzaro world. Horowitz: Democrat calls for treating non-mask-wearers as murderers, while actual murderers are released from jail. #masks #covid19 #maskmandate #murder

Health Department Transparency?

The Bayfield County Health Department seems to have their own interpretation of the data they are putting out to their constituents and residents of the county. Given the continued “oh woe is me,” and “bring out your dead,” mantra, it is beginning to become a tiresome regurgitation of the party line. The population of Bayfield County is 15,048. Bayfield County - 21 confirmed cases. = 0.13955342902711% of county residents Bayfield County - 3 active cases = 0.01993620414673%

Governor Evers Lacks Legal Authority to Declare a 2nd Public Health Emergency.

The following link is an important read on the current state of pandemic porn here in Wisconsin. Evers Lacks Legal Authority to Declare a Second Public Health Emergency Here is the full mask mandate - Relating to preventing the spread of COVID-19 by requiring face coverings in certain situations The Wisconsin Legislature is already working to have the new order struck down. #wisconsin #maskmandate #covid19 #governorevers #legal #publichealth

Governor Evers enacts statewide mask mandate.

There has never been any clinical study done with randomized control trials in a non-healthcare setting that verify the effectiveness of an all-encompassing mask-wearing while in public. Thus your Emergency order is issued for what reason? So it also appears that the Emergency order is for state residents and not for the state politicians.- 4. LEGISLATURE AND JUDICIARY. State facilities or offices under the control of the Wisconsin State Legislature or the Wisconsin Supreme C

Bayfield County Emergency Mask Advisory

Effective Friday, July 17, 2020 at 8:00 am, Ashland and Bayfield County Public Health are issuing an Emergency Advisory which stipulates that everyone age 5 and older wear a face covering or mask when in any enclosed building where other people, except for members of the person ’s own household or living unit could be present. This advisory applies to all of Ashland and Bayfield County. From the joint press release of Ashland county and Bayfield county Health Departments. Th

Mask Mandate.

Sen. Baldwin asks feds for emergency safety orders Senator Baldwin goes on to say - Wisconsin senator tells regulators businesses trying to follow guidelines are on 'an uneven playing field' Well, Senator, your statement has a clue. These are state or county or local guidelines. They are open to interpretation and do not have the weight of law or state statute. Also, can you please cite where having the Federal Government issue health guidelines is found in our Constituti

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