Saturday in the Park, 2.

I wonder about the phraseology that is used by local Democrats. A recent campaign email from a Wisconsin State Representative stated - With COVID-19 spreading, the ravages of systematic racism on full display, and incompetence from our elected leaders at the highest levels of government; things can feel hopeless. They haven’t looked at or been briefed about what’s going on here in their home state. Recovered cases of COVID19 are up to 88% from 77% a month ago. Ravages of sy

Jacob Blake...

Jacob Blake no longer handcuffed to his hospital bed, attorney says Three separate outlets are reporting that the handcuffs have been removed and the police presence in his hospital room is gone. Blake's attorney is also reporting that his arrest warrants have been vacated. #kenosha #jacobblake #kenosahshooting

Kenosha Is Burning...

The Kenosha News Op-Ed response to Gov. Evers's lack of action on the three nights of rioting, looting, and burning of the city of 100,000 residents. #kenosha #riots #burning #looting #nationalguard

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