Joe Biden's mask 'mandate?'

Biden has stated that on Day one of his administration there will be a nationwide mask mandate. When you do the math, Joe's talking about 152 days or five months from now. Do you understand its never been about your health and it is all about government control of the people? Joe Biden's mask 'mandate' wouldn't work and isn't needed #joebiden #maskmandate #covid19 #pandemic

Sure Happy It's Thursday.

Right now, Joe Biden couldn't fill a socially distanced Waffle House for a rally, town hall meeting or debate. Five Problems with Universal Mail-in Voting. Take the Mail-In Ballot Challenge: Send Me Your Cash! Scott Fitzgerald on New Illegal Maneuvers by Tony Evers | News/Talk 1130 WISN | Vicki McKenna I call BS on this article and its content. I find it hard to believe that the state is unable to find 900 individuals who would like to support their local community and be a

Zero Clue.

‘Zero clue what he’s saying’: Joe Biden’s latest at-home speech features call to ‘re-write our economy’ and other… interesting moments 40 days until the Democrats gather south of here in Milwaukee to formally nominate this man as their candidate. What will be even more interesting is what happens come August 21, and the campaigning begins. #joebiden #zeroclue #democrats #milwaukee

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