Key Russiagate Investigator:

Two resources from key Russia-gate investigator Kash Patel. Well worth your time to learn recent history. Key Russiagate Investigator: No Closure Without Accountability, Indictments Dark To Light: Kash Patel #russiagate #investigation #election #muellerreport

Watch “Michigan Update to The Immaculate Deception” by @RealPNavarro on #Vimeo

This video updates the Navarro Report about election irregularities in the 2020 presidential election. Michigan is found to have more than 379,000 possibly illegal votes, more than twice the alleged Biden Victory Margin. (HT: @realpnavarro @Rasmussen_Poll @Peoples_Pundit) #election #allegedfraud #misconduct #irregularities

Wisconsin Recount.

#recount #election #presidenttrump #biden #wisconsin

Madison’s‘ democracy’ events breaking state elections law?

Are Madison’s‘ democracy’ events breaking state elections law? There are certainly lots of questions and concerns regarding this issue here in Wisconsin. But clerks and other election watchers are raising concerns about the potential voter integrity problems the events could create. At Madison’s event, poll workers will be at more than 200 parks registering voters, answering questions about voting “and accepting your completed ballot.” Absentee voters who still need to find

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