Impeachment Redux?

This is the most pressing issue facing Americans today, that the Congress needs to address this? Really? I thought we had a pandemic crisis? I thought we had a mask crisis? I thought we had a crisis of underserved communities? I thought there was a crisis of Data-Driven Response to COVID-19 and Future High-Consequence Public Health Threats? I thought there was a crisis that needs addressing on Improving and Expanding Access to Care and Treatments for COVID-19? I thought ther


Why indeed are the Democrats and their minions inspired on this path? What have the holiday's ever done to them? #democrats #thanksgiving #christmas #antifa #blm

Saturday in the Park, 2.

I wonder about the phraseology that is used by local Democrats. A recent campaign email from a Wisconsin State Representative stated - With COVID-19 spreading, the ravages of systematic racism on full display, and incompetence from our elected leaders at the highest levels of government; things can feel hopeless. They haven’t looked at or been briefed about what’s going on here in their home state. Recovered cases of COVID19 are up to 88% from 77% a month ago. Ravages of sy

Identity and the VP Pick

Since yesterday afternoon with the Biden Campaign announcement, much of the writings about Biden's VP pick has focused on identity politics and nary a word on what qualifications Harris has to hold the position. Once Biden said that he was going to choose a woman of color, he painted himself into a corner from which he was not going to be able to extract himself. Looking at a pick for Vice President, is it really logical to have the first qualification for the position, gen

Biden VP Pick

Initial thoughts and commentary on Biden's pick for VP. #biden #vp #kamala #dnc #democrats

Zero Clue.

‘Zero clue what he’s saying’: Joe Biden’s latest at-home speech features call to ‘re-write our economy’ and other… interesting moments 40 days until the Democrats gather south of here in Milwaukee to formally nominate this man as their candidate. What will be even more interesting is what happens come August 21, and the campaigning begins. #joebiden #zeroclue #democrats #milwaukee

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