Big Problems with Big Testing...

Why mass PCR testing of the healthy and asymptomatic is currently counter-productive The CDC’s document on testing guidance now includes the following information: If you do not have COVID-19 symptoms and have not been in close contact with someone known to have a COVID-19 infection: You do not need a test. A negative test does not mean you will not contract an infection at a later time. If you decide to be tested, you should self-isolate at home until your test results are k

Did you know?

Did You Know? (as of 8/04/2020) 19 = Total Covid-19 Deaths (US) age 5-14 (to-date) 202 = Total Covid-19 Deaths (US) 15-24 (to-date) 27,121 = Total Covid-19 Deaths (US) age 25-64 (to-date) 108.214 = Total Covid Deaths (US) Over age 65 (to-date) 1/3,223,684 = Odds of child 5-14 fatality from Covid-19 (to-date) 1/316,742 = Odds of person <25 fatality from Covid-19 (to-date) 1/5,383 = Odds of person 25-64 fatality from Covid-19 (to-date) (The same as risk of poisoning death - see

Mask Data.

This article will provide many links, some long and some short, to assist you in doing your due diligence on whether wearing a mask is right for you or if it even makes sense. CIDRAP Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy COMMENTARY: Masks-for-all for COVID-19 not based on sound data Data lacking to recommend broad mask use We do not recommend requiring the general public who do not have symptoms of COVID-19-like illness to routinely wear cloth or surgical masks be

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