Christmas Eve...

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Sunday Morning Sunrise...

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Off The Grid...

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October 1 - Fall Colors...

Out for a walk this morning and documenting the fall colors here in Northern Wisconsin. #fallcolors #fall2020 #bayfieldwi #travelwisconsin #explorewisconsin

It's not about our health...

It has now been three weeks since the Bayfield County Board of Health has updated their Local COVID-19 Updates page. While looking at the Bayfield County Board of Health Community Exposures page we find only one incident 47 miles from our local community in the past week. I believe that 47 miles are much further than six feet of social distancing, so we're all good here. Therefore given the minimal COVID-19 activity in our county, according to the Bayfield County Board of H

Compare and Contrast...

We are now just passing the seven-week mark of Governor Evers issuance of a statewide mask mandate in Wisconsin. The order is due to expire on September 28, 2020, eight days from now. There are some news reports that the governor is seeking to extend his order, however, I’ve seen no verifiable reports that this will occur at this time. The City of Bayfield adopted a city-wide ordinance requiring face coverings back on July 15, 2020, and the ordinance is open-ended with no f

Where's the Beef?

With acknowledgment and apologies to Clara Peller. This screenshot from this afternoon, 08/12/2020 of the Bayfield County Wisconsin website. They are reporting no locations of exposure to COVID19 in Bayfield County for the past 14 days. That means for the past two weeks, no COVID19 outbreaks, or hotspots here in the county. However, the County Health Department continues to report that the COVID19 activity level for the county is medium. Medium as compared to? If the coun

Wicked Wednesday News Dump.

What if they held a convention and nobody came? Joe Biden will no longer travel to Milwaukee for Democratic convention How soon before NYC becomes a ghost town? Will travelers need “papers?” Will they require scannable chips embedded to verify they are COVID19 free? Will they need to report their past travel itinerary? Will they need to report their future movements within NYC? Will they be able to move freely about NYC? Will they be able to freely associate with anyone in NY

Health Department Transparency?

The Bayfield County Health Department seems to have their own interpretation of the data they are putting out to their constituents and residents of the county. Given the continued “oh woe is me,” and “bring out your dead,” mantra, it is beginning to become a tiresome regurgitation of the party line. The population of Bayfield County is 15,048. Bayfield County - 21 confirmed cases. = 0.13955342902711% of county residents Bayfield County - 3 active cases = 0.01993620414673%

Wisconsin and Bayfield County COVID19.

Here is the latest from Wisconsin, and Bayfield County. 750,562 is 12.940724137931% of 5,800,000.(population of the state of Wisconsin. Testing here in Wisconsin began on March 8, 2020. For the past 137 days, the state has managed to test 12% of its residents. I thought that testing was the way to flatten the curve or slow the spread or whatever the current phraseology is? It is nice to see the numbers of negative tests reported. 44,135 is 0.76094827586207% of 5,800,000.

Mask Free Shopping.

Attention - Business Owners and Retailers in our county, our state, and beyond. Your business has the chance to be a LEADER in the retail industry by offering this: "Special shopping hours for those without a mask." At the beginning of this situation, many retailers had special shopping hours for seniors and the disabled. It’s time for you to PROVIDE THIS RIGHT NOW: SPECIAL SHOPPING HOURS FOR THOSE WITHOUT A MASK Curbside shopping or e-commerce delivery is not fair and equal

Bayfield County Emergency Mask Advisory

Effective Friday, July 17, 2020 at 8:00 am, Ashland and Bayfield County Public Health are issuing an Emergency Advisory which stipulates that everyone age 5 and older wear a face covering or mask when in any enclosed building where other people, except for members of the person ’s own household or living unit could be present. This advisory applies to all of Ashland and Bayfield County. From the joint press release of Ashland county and Bayfield county Health Departments. Th

COVID19 - 4th Case.

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Silent March

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