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Wicked Wednesday News Dump.

What if they held a convention and nobody came?

Joe Biden will no longer travel to Milwaukee for Democratic convention

How soon before NYC becomes a ghost town?

Will travelers need “papers?”

Will they require scannable chips embedded to verify they are COVID19 free?

Will they need to report their past travel itinerary?

Will they need to report their future movements within NYC?

Will they be able to move freely about NYC?

Will they be able to freely associate with anyone in NYC?

Will their contact tracing history be required for review?

Mayor de Blasio announces checkpoints at major entry points to enforce state’s 14-day quarantine

Voting by mail for the November 3, 2020 election? Gee, what could possibly go wrong? An overview from here in Wisconsin.

More Wisconsinites Are Voting Absentee, But Many Have Been Unsuccessful What 23,000 Rejected Ballots From The April 2020 Primary Mean For The State's Fall Elections

It’s the beginning of August and within the next month, it will be time for schools to begin welcoming back their students for the new school year.

Bayfield unveils plan to reopen schools Sept. 2

It doesn’t appear any real schoolwork or basic school curriculum topic will be on the teaching syllabus. Looking at schools across the state -

Evers says schools will make their own decisions for the fall

One of the issues not discussed regarding students returning to school is the current mask mandate here in Wisconsin. Questions about the effectiveness or lack of effectiveness of healthy people wearing masks continue to be debated with no real science to tip the scales. A great set of questions regarding the wearing of masks can be found here.

The questions every American should be asking about indefinite mask mandates.

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