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Where's the Beef?

With acknowledgment and apologies to Clara Peller.

This screenshot from this afternoon, 08/12/2020 of the Bayfield County Wisconsin website. They are reporting no locations of exposure to COVID19 in Bayfield County for the past 14 days. That means for the past two weeks, no COVID19 outbreaks, or hotspots here in the county.

However, the County Health Department continues to report that the COVID19 activity level for the county is medium. Medium as compared to? If the county residents are doing their part and the responsible visitors are doing their part as well, why are we continuing to live under the pandemicpalooza fear of three sets of masquerade advisories and ordinances?

I thought the 14 days, two week period was based on the science and experts that if nothing happened for two weeks, we were all in the clear. Now, that's not to say that someone could come into the area from another high-risk part of the country, or be symptomatic for the virus and come to the county.

To me, two weeks of no COVID19 outbreaks or acknowledged hotspots here in the county earn a "well done," to county residents and to the responsible adults who are visiting here from other parts of the country.

I'd recommend that the Bayfield County Health Department, take a look at the Hillsborough County Florida web site as a good example on how to give county residents complete and transparent information.

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