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When Technology Fails Us.

We, as people and society, have become addicted and reliant on technology to get us thru our business and personal days activities. However, we often find that our technology devices tend to have minds and actions of their own that thwart our intentions.

Two examples of tech failure come to mind from my personal experience. Both are business-related and I’m surprised that any business has allowed this type of failure to go on for any amount of time.

The first issue is in the lodging industry. When you book a hotel or motel room of any sort via your favorite online travel agent (OTA), ie: Expedia and the like, they request that you enter a valid credit card number to complete the transaction. This is something to be expected when traveling, even in these times of social distancing.

It is my experience that routinely, people are allowed to input erroneous and invalid credit card information and the lodging booking is completed. Attempt to complete a transaction with any other e-commerce site such as Amazon. Your purchase is bounced and flagged in your email inbox before you finish typing the purchase.

Now the burden of getting a complete and up to date booking with all the correct information from the traveler is put upon the lodging entity. With a large national chain lodging provider, there is likely someone assigned in a central call center or business hub off-site from the traveler’s destination. This is not the case for the smaller independently owned, owner-operator, entrepreneurs who run many small lodging operations around the country. The small business operator needs to add yet another job to their daily routine.

Why this type of incomplete process is allowed to continue within the lodging industry is unfathomable.

The other technology disappointment is that of an application on my mobile phone. Metaswitch is the company responsible for the app Max UC. According to their web presence;

MaX UC: Mobile Native Unified Communications and Collaboration. ... By shifting the primary user interface to the native dialer versus a separate UC app, MaX UC drives adoption by enterprise employees and revenue generation for service providers by leveraging their mobile network assets.

The app was formerly known as Accession and worked consistently with few glitches. Then sometime in mid-2020, the app changed its name to Max UC, and everything began to fall apart. The app has fits and starts when you log into it. It may or may not decide to answer an incoming call to your cell phone. The company Metaswitch is utterly unresponsive to inquiries on the Apple App Store. They have many unhappy comments in the app store queue, and we’ve seen many of the same issues that others are reporting.

VOIP technology has been around 47 years, and one would think that application developers would have a handle on things by now. Metaswitch and their technicians are struggling to catch up.

Technology needs to be like tools that any craftsman chooses. The tech needs to be the right tool for the job and needs to work as promised by its functionality.

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