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Vote From Home...

I passed this yard sign on the way south on Wisconsin Highway 13, just south of Bayfield. The sign is approximately 25-30 feet off the shoulder of the highway in some taller grass.

The main message is apparently all they want you to see as the rest of the message is in a smaller font that is certainly more difficult to read while driving by at 55 mph. The sign apparently is sponsored by the League of Women Voters and according to the sign.

Given the sign placement and location, it does give me pause to wonder about this. Who or decided that this was an optimum spot to place this sign? Did the person or persons who had the sign have this sign leftover and couldn’t find not find another appropriate place to put the sign so they just stuck it here? Is the local or county chapter of the League of Women Voters or the local representative of, aware of the sign placement? Is the sign placed on county property and are there regulations regarding political signage on public property? Or is the sign on private property and is the property owner aware of a stray political sign placed on their property?

Just another case of the yard sign fairy being drunk and needing to go home?

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