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Vaccine in Wisconsin.

The above was posted yesterday by the governor of Wisconsin. As I posted a while ago, do we really need the constant drumbeat, reminders, admonition, and guilt shaming, about this pandemic that has been the talk of the town for 15 months or more? That the governor and his minions have to continue to emphasize, prod, and prompt the residents of Wisconsin tells me how little you think of the voters of this great state.

According to the Governors tweet, now, prior to opening back to our Wisconsin way of life everyone needs to get vaccinated apparently. So now it's about going thru the motions of getting a vaccine, regardless of the science and individuals health. Wisconsin and likely the rest of the nation, it's more important to be seen getting and having received your vaccine than the overall health of the population. It's optics or better to quote Senator Rand Paul, it's theater. And in this case Kubiki theater at its worst.

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