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Whatever happened to…

Drs Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi

Why is Minnesota State Sen. Scott Jensen, a practicing physician, continued to be harassed and threatened with the loss of his medical license for his views on COVID19?

Why are we continuing to live in fear of a virus that has a 93.4% recovery rate?

Why are both Facebook and Instagram so darned insistent in making sure I have all the voting information I need?

Also, why are Facebook and Instagram so darned insistent in their reminders for me to request a ballot by mail rather than voting as I have done for the past 48 years of voting in person at my local polling place?

Why is there only one cell phone provider who purports to provide 5G service in my area? And is it truly 5G or simply 5G capable or “light?”

Why do the "experts" and "scientists" think people’s immune systems are not capable of fighting COVID19 without a vaccine? The published numbers tell us that more than 95% of those who were diagnosed with COVID19 somehow managed to recover without a vaccine. Could it be it's not about the health of the American people, rather it's all about the profit motive for big pharma?

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