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Thinking of flying?

It's the beginning of the holiday season wherein years past we've all headed to the airport to fly off to see distant relatives we see only occasionally. This year and possibly for years to come things will be a bit different. You very well might need a digital health passport or COVID Passport.

Airlines for America (A4A), a group that represents the major U.S. airlines, said on Monday that passengers will be required to complete a health acknowledgment form during check-in for a flight, adding that passengers who refuse to do so could be deemed unfit to travel.

CommonPass a mobile app, has already been used on international flights between London and Newark. CommonPass is a part of The Commons Project. There are several variations of this immunity passport currently being used around the world.

According to the BBC -

Some of the earliest countries to be impacted by the virus have been quick to adopt health certificates, with China embracing the use of a health code app that shows whether a user is symptom-free in order to check into hotels or ride the subway, as reported by Reuters. While not officially an immunity passport, the Chilean government has begun issuing “virus-free” certificates to citizens who have recovered from Covid-19, allowing them to return to work without restriction of movement.

When you travel there are now COVID-19 testing facilities in airports in the U.S. and international destinations as well.

This technology application not only is being used by the travel industry. Thinking about attending that live concert or other live events at your local venue?

Ticketmaster, the American ticket sales and distribution company, has been working on a smartphone app called the SmartEvent system that verifies the vaccination and test result status of ticket buyers within a 24- to 72-hour window.

The app will receive health information from third-party companies such as CLEAR Health Pass or IBM’s Digital Health Pass after the ticket buyer has submitted to testing by medical providers such Labcorp and the CVS Minute Clinic.

The ticket buyer will need to verify vaccination or test negative at an approved provider approximately 24 to 72 hours before the concert. The results are then sent to a health pass company that sends it to Ticketmaster. A QR code is then generated and sent to the app, giving the ticket buyer the credentials needed to attend the event.

The "your papers please," of the movies has now become a reality in our lives.

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