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The Next Lockdown Variant...

We are beginning to see from the folks in Washington, D.C., and on down to the state level, the beginning of restrictions on our freedom to travel.

For the past year now, we have been admonished not to go out or travel in our locality unless it was absolutely necessary. Even when you did go out it had better be for food or medicine and that was all.

Fast forward a year and now we are seeing limits and restrictions being proposed on our travel within the United States. Headlines and links follow below.

White House looks at domestic travel restrictions as virus variant surges in Florida

White House looks at domestic travel restrictions as COVID mutation surges in Florida

DeSantis pushes back as White House considers domestic travel restrictions to slow variant surge

February U.S. Travel Restrictions By State–Quarantine And Covid-19 Test Requirements

Wide US travel restrictions aim to limit COVID-19 variants

At what point are we as a nation and as a free people going to stand up and say, "enough is enough?' That time can't come soon enough.

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