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The Emperor Is Naked and Senile Too.

The news story that none of the mainstream media is covering.

The Emperor Is Naked and Senile Too

And with the possibility of being accused of piling on, we have this classic.

Biden’s Word Choice Over Texas Rolling Back Its COVID Restrictions Is Exactly Why He’s Kept in the Basement

Hillary called the voters of the country, deplorable, and now Biden says we have neanderthal thinking. It has even trickled down to the state level.

Wisconsin Democrat says voters who oppose raising taxes “aren’t smart”

I learned at a young age that, sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me. It is readily apparent that there are plenty of people across the nation, that haven’t learned that. In fact, they are on a daily basis, actively seeking things about which to be offended.

Compare and contrast why none, inside the beltway, have called for immediate activation of the 25th Amendment regarding Biden. They were all too eager to call for activation of the 25th Amendment for former President Trump, with minimal created evidence of their own making.

Words do matter and the words, when they do come from Biden’s utterances are most often confusing gibberish.

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