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Tech Rant.

A couple of issues have been at the forefront for the past weeks. One is an iPhone application Max UC and the other, the crypto blockchain ecosystem Hive.

Max UC, according to their website, brings Intuitive communications and collaboration for the mobile native enterprise. My experience has been nothing remotely resembling their website utterances. Earlier this year, Max UC was called Accession Communicator Mobile. Back then, the app worked fine with few if any issues or problems in using it over three phones at work. Then in March of 2020, Accession Communicator Mobile became Max UC, and the application has never been the same.

Suddenly, the reviews on the App Store for Apple went from good reviews to sometimes downright hatred for the app and the programmers. A cursory search also returns the same sort of vilification of the lack of operational readiness of the app.

I've seen zero response in the app store by Metaswitch, to as much as acknowledging that there is a problem with their application or to attempt to interact with their end-users. Why any business would continue to make use of such a substandard is beyond me.

And now to Hive, the crypto blockchain ecosystem. I began on Steem, some two years ago and found it a good alternative to the creeping lockdown of all things social media. Having a platform that is open, global, transnational, borderless, censorship-resistant, open-access sounded great to me. After a brief lull in computers, I went back to Steem and found that it was now or many people had formed or moved to the app Hive. So off I went as I was told by a good friend that this was the way to go.

Well, Hive has been ok and not without issues. I decided to create a new account on Hive and did so using HiveOnBoard. Now the new account and keys safely stored, I was looking forward to a new adventure. However, this has not been the case. None of the keys or passwords I was given work on, Peakd, or 3Speak. And there is no tech support site or search engine to use to attempt to remedy my issues.

Disappointed and frustrated are the words that come to mind over these issues.

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