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Sunday Funnies

University Of Georgia Says Students Should ‘Consider Wearing A Mask During Sex’

Some Sunday Funnies items simply write themselves.

Here's an experiment for those of you who are sold on voting by mail. Take your credit, debit and social security card out of your wallet. Put them in an envelope. And mail them to yourself. ... What? Don't you trust the mail?

Right now, Joe Biden couldn't fill a socially distanced Waffle House for a rally, town hall meeting or debate.

Vaccine - Why do the "experts" and "scientists" think people's immune systems are not capable of fighting COVID19 without a vaccine? The published numbers tell us that more than 95% of those who were diagnosed with COVID19 somehow managed to recover without a vaccine. Could it be it's not about the health of the American people, rather it's all about the profit motive for big pharma?

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