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Space Travel.

What is the obsession and derision that many in the general public have with billionaires and their “space” travel?

Here are individuals who’ve created something successful and been rewarded for it. Now when they are looking for something new and exciting to do, and spending their own money to do it, people are appalled and horrified at their actions.

Was there the discontent and mocking of Richard Branson in the formation of the Virgin Group back in the 1970s? How about in 1994 with the creation of Amazon?

I am baffled that people from national political types to locals here in rural northern Wisconsin all feel that they need to chime in on what a travesty billionaire space flight has become. What business is it of anyone’s how Jeff or Richard choose to spend their money?

Are these individuals concerned with Richard’s or Jeff’s welfare and current financial well-being? The negative comments are simply negative nellies and don’t appear to be offering an alternative option for the expense of space travel.

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