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Second Half of 2021.

A friend of mine mentioned that the year is half over. Where has the time gone? I have enough of a challenge remembering what the day is today, so looking at the bigger picture is a bit fuzzy.

Part of the issue I’ll also attribute to the fact of where we live and our work environment during this time of the year. We’re living in a small, town of fewer than 500 full-time residents, which during this time of the year is a vacation destination for many. People come from throughout the midwest and the rest of the country to the shores of Lake Superior.

We’re busy enough that for the past month and into the middle of October one day begins to blend into another. Catching our breath in mid-October, we’ll ponder wherever did the summer go?

We get involved with customer service and such that we don’t often have the occasion or time to stop and take a deep breath of the Lake Superior breezes, and if only for the moment truly enjoy where we call home.

I get asked frequently, “So do you live here year-round?” I nod politely and say yes. I find it an interesting question if only to wonder where the questioner thinks I come from or reside the rest of the year. And, just why wouldn’t I live here all year?

I grew up in Chicago, so I’m no stranger to midwest winters. Lake Superior impacts our weather differently than Lake Michigan when I was living in the northern suburbs of Chicago. It certainly does give us a perspective and respect for the impact the lake has on our weather during the year.

July 1st and now about three and a half months and some sort of “normalcy” will return to this wonderful place we call home.

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