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Saturday in the Park, 2.

I wonder about the phraseology that is used by local Democrats. A recent campaign email from a Wisconsin State Representative stated -

With COVID-19 spreading, the ravages of systematic racism on full display, and incompetence from our elected leaders at the highest levels of government; things can feel hopeless.

They haven’t looked at or been briefed about what’s going on here in their home state. Recovered cases of COVID19 are up to 88% from 77% a month ago. Ravages of systematic racism? So the riots in Kenosha, the looting and burning of businesses are a result of systematic racism? And the operators of the system causing this turmoil are? If it is a system then there is a well-planned operation and organization behind this. Incompetence, let’s look closer to home in the State of Wisconsin and the complete and utter mismanagement of handling the 4 nights of riots and unrest that has taken place in Kenosha. The feelings of hopelessness are a personal issue of the individual looking to and relying on big government to solve all the ills and problems of the world and not having an attitude of self-reliance.

I was recently surprised to learn that our remote outpost along Wisconsin’s northern border is covered by 5g mobile service. Now to figure out who if anyone is using it and what is their experience.

In years past we were active fans of Major League Baseball (MLB)l having attended games from the MLB level to the minor league level. We would regularly attend half a dozen or more games a year depending on the city where we lived and our schedules. Now that the overall status of all professional sports is in an uproar, we’ve no interest in watching or attending any professional sporting events of any sort.

Why are the statist press and their minions only worried about Kyle Rittenhouse and his gun? There were many more rioters carrying guns that night, yet we hear nothing reported about them.

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