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Saturday In the Park.

Nancy can't seem to make up her mind...

Pelosi Backtracks — Now Says Feeble Biden Can Debate Trump, “He’ll Be Great as a Debater”

And we're surprised about her flip flop why?

The peaceful protesters have moved east.

Seattle Antifa group arrested in Kenosha with riot gear, controlled substances

Well, which is it? Could it be due to the fact that it's unconstitutional and anti-science?

Harris Walks Back Promise of Nationwide Mask Mandate

Yet another, and we should be surprised about this type of activity why?

UW Radical Prof Now Supplying Kenosha Rioters

Of course, it could have been prevented. Why the Governor and mayors and city council members sat on their hands tells us all we need to know about that group of people. They have no interest in the rule of law and the restoration of law and order to the streets of our cities.

Kenosha 'Violence Could Have Been Prevented’

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