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If there were no problems with signature verification in the states in question, why the call for states' need for legislative reform? I reference specifically HR1. According to the Georgia Secretary of State, "I can absolutely guarantee the integrity of this election result. Also... I'm calling for election reform... But not because there was any fraud."

If Dominion voting machines, associated software, and the company overall are without blame and as pure as the wind-driven snow:

  1. Why haven’t they then come out and vigorously denied the allegations as false?

  2. Where is the Dominion legal team out filing lawsuits for defamation or slander?

There have been those across the spectrum of social media who have been clutching at their pearls and wringing their hands at the now 22-day long election pandemonium. In breathless tones exclaiming how the ongoing legal battles are somehow damaging our democracy. Please note that the United States is the Constitutional Republic.

  1. Former President Obama won his first state election by removing the incumbent from the ballot by challenging the ballot petition signatures.

  2. For the rest who have forgotten recent history, Al Gore spent 37 days challenging the Presidential election in 2000.

Something to ponder:

You have the IQ of a chicken biscuit if you’re standing outside by yourself and wearing a mask. This also goes for driving your automobile alone with your mask on.

Something more to ponder:

What kind of country have we become that is conditioning us to fear our friends and family over the holidays?

Things that make you go hmmmmm…

Kamala Harris:

It’s not enough to just save our economy. We need to build a system that gives all people, including people of color, a chance to succeed.

So apparently people of color aren’t part of her inclusion of “all people?” Why do Harris and her ilk continue to play the identity politics card at every opportunity? 22 days into an unresolved Presidential election. Do you still believe that those Biden/Harris supporters, who since April 17, 2016, have done everything to disenfranchise, handicap, hobble, impeach, negate and probe President Trump during his first term in office, wouldn't go to fanatical lengths to prevent a second term for the President? Indeed 22 days since the election and the democrats who spent four years investigating hoax after hoax after hoax can't be bothered to spend four weeks investigating election results even they can't explain. While those who are pushing for fair and transparent elections are bringing complete and verifiable information to the legal table. Yet those Biden/Harris supporters are of apparently two minds.

  1. They don’t ever wish to have fair, open, and transparent elections.

  2. Are lacking the ability to counter the assertions made by supporters of President Trump.

Seeing as Biden/Harris supporters are not even willing to call out the inaccuracies in the President’s arguments, is this election outcome we all had expected or hoped for? And we can’t end without a quote from everyone’s favorite Speaker of the House: “Our election was hijacked. There is no question. Congress has a duty to #ProtectOurDemocracy & #FollowTheFacts.” - Nancy Pelosi

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