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There are an abundance, excess, and even plethora of videos of presumptive Democrat Presidential nominee, Joe Biden speaking more than just off the cuff. In fact, Biden's gaff history can be traced all the way back to 1987. Now some 33 years later it not only continues, but it appears to be getting even more severe. Given the appearance of his continued decline in mental acuity, can anyone say with a straight face that the Democrat Party is knowingly and willingly putting him up as their candidate for President?

Furthermore, can any Democrat or democrat supporter, say with a straight face, that the Democrat Party is, in essence, using Biden as a placeholder, knowing full well that Kamala Harris will be the shadow President. Likely if the Biden/Harris 2020 ticket were to win, how soon after January 20, 2021, would Biden, step down, fall down, take ill, resign or have some other malady that would thrust Kamala Harris into the position of President? I've already heard speculation from various sources regarding the questionable qualifications of Kamala Harris to hold the position of President.

Seeing as Harris brings nothing to the Democrat ticket other than punching the color and gender boxes, how does she excite the Democrat base of voters? Biden has been a professional politician since 1970. Doing the math he's not held a job in the private sector for 50 years. Harris has been in politics since 1995, now going on 25 years. There is plenty of baggage in both individuals' backgrounds, and it's all going to come spilling out like a dam burst over the next 84 days. So get your popcorn, favorite snacks, and stock up the drink cooler, as it's going to get entertaining.

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