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Back in July of 2019, I began this newsletter on this platform. I had produced several prior to that time using another platform. So, now after 18 months, I’ve begun this format again.

There are several reasons for the move. It does allow for direct interaction with you the reader. It also circumvents, for the time being, the pervasive censorship that is ongoing in the world of social media.

I’m looking at a two-tiered system here for the newsletter. Of course, there will always be a free version for public consumption. I will also be providing a more in-depth paid version in the near future.

I’ve got topics to cover and would appreciate your input as well. As you are the reader, what subjects and topics are you interested in finding more about. We don’t know everything here and there’s lots more that we don’t know that we don’t know.

For those subjects and topics that we need assistance with, we’ll reach out to our contacts and network and find the answers. The Fight Back Media Network runs across the country from North to South and East to West. We also have contacts and networks around the world to assist us as necessary.

We will continue to post to all of the usual suspect social media sites until such time as that avenue is no longer viable. We will also be recommending alternative apps and sites to assist you in maintaining your privacy and security.

When a paid version of the newsletter begins please note that it will be done using secure payment apps up to and including cryptocurrency. Let’s also be upfront in letting you know that we welcome other one-time or recurring contributions to this effort.

We’re well aware of the confusion and misinformation being spread far and wide by the statist media. Fight Back Media Network has resources of citizen journalists and media outlets to get the information and news you need to know.

We know that you, the reader and consumer of content from Fight Back Media Network, are capable of critical thinking and making up your own minds. You are also well aware of the cost of doing business. Our subscriptions to news sources, monthly internet service, live broadcasting subscriptions, office printers, and paper all cost money. As I mentioned previously we welcome other one-time or recurring contributions to this effort.

Thanks for your time and attention. Please leave us a like and comment.

"When the collectivist extols the state, what he means is not every state but only that regime of which he approves, no matter whether this legitimate state exists already or has to be created."

-Ludwig von Mises

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