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Nancy, Nancy, Nancy...

At one time it was Marsha, more recently Karen and now it’s all about Nancy.

It is now 62 days until the election and a team of the best writers from Ripley’s Believe It or Not, couldn’t come up with the number of bizarre stories that are being reported in the run-up to election day in November 2020.

THERE it is! Politico writer has a legal question after salon’s security camera records Nancy Pelosi’s rank hypocrisy

The real question to be asked is where was Pelosi’s staff, PA, Press/Public Information person, or simply someone with a modicum of common sense?

Once again, the rules are for the little people, her minions, her constituents, and not for her. More statist Democrat Party the rules are for everyone but us. And of course, the push back and piling on is all in the defense of and to protect Pelosi for the error of her ways. Again, the statist Democrats are inept and unable to take any sort of personal responsibility for their actions.

Pelosi Salon Owner Now Receiving Death Threats

And this type of reaction to the Speaker’s flagrant breaking of the rules is to attack the Salon Owner?

Are we surprised that Nancy continues to proclaim her innocence in the whole matter? She’s the wronged person, the victim in all of this and she’s owed an apology? Really Nancy? What unconventional and unaccountable world or concept of reality are you residing in?

Pelosi On Hair Salon Embarrassment: I Was ‘Set Up’ And ‘This Salon Owes Me An Apology’

A set up only means that Adam Schiff will soon begin hearings into the Russian collusion in the whole matter.


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