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Monday Musings...

I wonder how many retailers here in town accept Apple Pay? I believe our local grocery store does. In this fearful age of COVID19 pandemic driven by conventional wisdom, it would seem that contactless payments would become all the rage.

How up to date is Google Maps for your neighborhood, or city? In checking my area, google maps, street view, are showing images from 2008. While the map and satellite views of the area are updated to reflect current businesses, the street view photos and woefully out of date. How are we to showcase our cities and towns with such a discrepancy in available information?

What tools are local businesses and the Chamber of Commerce using to enroll visitors to come and visit the area? It would appear that if reliance on Google Maps street view, the area will lose. Looking at Bing Maps, I’m unable to find a date of the maps shown. I also find that Bing doesn’t offer a street view for our area, which is a big missing. Bing appears to be more like the retro throwback multi-fold paper maps I used as a kid when we went on vacation.

When coming to visit this area, sitting on the shores of the largest of the Great Lakes, you certainly want to know about and sample the local foods available. How many of the local eateries have up to date reviews? How many of the restaurants offer on-line reservations? A quick look at several local restaurants shows recent reviews on Google Maps with associated food-related photos. After checking several local places it appears that none of them offer on-line reservations. Why yes, all offer a phone number to call and make a reservation, and yet, with our spotty cell service here in the area and much of the surrounding region, being able to make an on-line reservation would be immensely helpful.

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