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Mask Mandate.

Sen. Baldwin asks feds for emergency safety orders

Senator Baldwin goes on to say -

Wisconsin senator tells regulators businesses trying to follow guidelines are on 'an uneven playing field'

Well, Senator, your statement has a clue. These are state or county or local guidelines. They are open to interpretation and do not have the weight of law or state statute. Also, can you please cite where having the Federal Government issue health guidelines is found in our Constitution?

How can any of us in the general public be directed, forced, or mandated to wear a mask in the current climate of COVID19? Masks impact the wearer's respiratory system. If the mask wearer hasn't had a physical exam by a licensed doctor, directing the wearing of a mask for medical reasons, where is the medical authority for these pending and popular mask mandates?

We're often told and admonished that we need to follow the science and the experts in regards to COVID19 and the wearing of masks. However...

After reviewing ALL of the studies worldwide, the CDC found “no reduction in viral transmission with the use of face masks.” -

Nonpharmaceutical Measures for Pandemic Influenza in Nonhealthcare Settings—Personal Protective and Environmental Measures, Jingyi Xiao1, Eunice Y. C. Shiu1, Huizhi Gao, Jessica Y. Wong, Min W. Fong, Sukhyun Ryu, and Benjamin J. Cowling (Volume 26, Number 5, May of 2020).

Similarly, in recent weeks, the World Health Organization also has found that there “is no evidence wearing a mask by a healthy person in a community setting can prevent infection with respiratory viruses, including COVID-19.” And thus, the World Health Organization concluded “universal community masking” is ineffective at preventing “infection from respiratory viruses, including COVID-19.”[19] Indeed, the WHO went so far as to recommend against wearing medical masks as they “may create a false sense of security” against COVID-19, while it took pains to reiterate that there is “no evidence available on a [mask’s] usefulness to protect non-sick persons.” - Advice on the Use of Masks in the Context of COVID-19 – Guidance, World Health Organization (April 6, 2020)

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