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Looking Ahead.

There appears to be an unnatural fixation on the Presidential Election of 2024. Many are waiting with bated breath an announcement or some positive indication that former President Trump will again throw his hat into the ring for the position.

While that is all well and good, I’m concerned that we’re missing the big picture. Given the convulsion and disorder that is currently ongoing in the White House, it would be good to have a return to stability in the country’s political administration.

That being said, where on the political horizon is there, or might there be someone who embodies and holds some of the same ideals that the country found favorable in former President Trump?

One of the plethoras of concerns currently is Joe Biden’s age. Doing the math, Trump if he is to run again and win, will be 77 on inauguration day 2024. While I don’t think that this in itself is a completely detracting factor, let’s not give the mainstream media and their hordes of minions, yet another issue on which to hang their hats.

Who currently in the political realm -

Is a patriot before being a politician?

Has read and revers the Constitution and Declaration of Independence?

Has read and understands the Federalist Papers?

Understands the absolute need and requirement for an Article 5 Convention of States?

Grasps the concept of a defined and defended border for the United States?

Is cognizant of the distinctions of legal and illegal immigrants.?

Is financially aware to know the current $28 Trillion U.S. debt is unstainable?

While the above list is just a start, it is by no means comprehensive. Unless those in the political realm and those who have a concern and love for the United States and looking far enough ahead it is simply more of the same that we’ve always had in Washington D.C. The current thinking and conventional wisdom will not correct the issues that face us as a nation and a people.

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