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Lawyer Exposes the Media Lies About Kyle Rittenhouse (Pt. 2) | Robert Barnes | LAW | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to lawyer and legal expert Robert Barnes about the Trump big tech lawsuit, how the media has spread damaging lies about his client Kyle Rittenhouse, and why everything you know about the Central Park Karen Amy Cooper is wrong. In this clip Robert discusses his involvement in the Rittenhouse trial and why he thinks the case is so important for self defense and the second amendment. He reveals the details of Kyle Rittenhouse that the media has either lied about or ignored. He also discusses why Kyle went to Kenosha, Wisconsin after the riots started following the shooting of Jacob Blake. He discusses how important the court of public opinion is in cases like these where people are lied about in the media. Watch Dave Rubin’s PREVIOUS FULL INTERVIEW with ROBERT BARNES here:

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