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Is Joe Biden Proficient to be President?

I made a shopping run to Ashland, Wisconsin, to pick up a few necessary household items. I noticed on the way that the Democrat Party of Wisconsin has been thru this part of Bayfield County and planted a plethora of yard signs, all proclaiming the virtues of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

After seeing the sudden sprouting of Black Lives Matter yard signs in the area and now the Biden/Harris signage, it got me thinking. I began to wonder if any of the people who have these campaign signs in their yards or in their business windows, paying even a scintilla of attention to the current political landscape.

Let’s adjust the way back machine to just a few months ago for some Joe Biden highlights?

Joe goes after the interviewer asking him if he is a junkie.

And of course, we can’t forget when Joe Biden told black voters that they’re not really black unless they vote for him. We did a lengthy discourse on the subject here!

As we all deal with in our way, the current pandemic paranoia, Joe Biden chimed in with this fact gem.

Critical thinking people would surmise that Joe Biden’s handlers and press people would fully brief and prepare him before this event.

Joe Biden’s handlers and press people should be sharp, to ensure that their candidate and the optics that the press and public find him in are those that show him in a favorable light.

One thing that we come to expect from political leaders is that they can speak extemporaneously or off the cuff from time to time. Joe Biden has a challenge even with his notes right in front of him.

A pattern or trend is emerging in just these six examples that give critical thinking people concern about Joe Biden’s ability to be proficient in his duties of being President of the United States.

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