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Independent Fact Checkers...

This meme/graphic was posted about six weeks ago on Instagram. It’s taken the “independent fact-checkers that long to flag this post with the following.

Missing Context

Independent fact-checkers say information in this post is missing context and could mislead people.

Fact-Checker: USA TODAY

Conclusion: Missing Context

More Information: Fact check: Flu vaccine hasn't eradicated the flu, but it has lessened the burden of the virus

The “independent fact-checkers” whoever they might be, have failed mightly here. Those of us who are critical thinkers are well aware of the fact that the flu hasn’t been eradicated. People are fully capable of thinking for themselves and are also capable of drawing their own conclusions of things presented to them.

The only vaccine that has been successful in the eradication of a virus has been the smallpox vaccine. The graphic brings to the attention of those who see this, that vaccines are not the be-all and end-all of medical science.

The current pandemic and the rush to create and provide a vaccine is being promoted as a cure-all for what is currently ailing out country as well as the rest of the world. A vaccine, any vaccine is not simply an on/off switch.

The continued contradiction, disinformation, and misinformation put forth by experts, government leaders, and scientists are the root cause of why we as a people feel that we’re out here to fight this pandemic all on our own. There is no one to stand with, that we can count upon, other than our fellow.patriots.

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