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Health Department Transparency?

The Bayfield County Health Department seems to have their own interpretation of the data they are putting out to their constituents and residents of the county. Given the continued “oh woe is me,” and “bring out your dead,” mantra, it is beginning to become a tiresome regurgitation of the party line.

The population of Bayfield County is 15,048.

Bayfield County - 21 confirmed cases. = 0.13955342902711% of county residents

Bayfield County - 3 active cases = 0.01993620414673% of county residents.

Bayfield County - 17 recovered cases = 0.11297182349814% of county residents.

Bayfield County - 1 Death = 0.0066454013822435% of county residents.

And yet the Bayfield County Health Department is declaring the COVID-19 activity HIGH. The numbers and percentages that they are reporting unquestionably don’t reflect what they are telling us. We are also told via the Bayfield County web site -

Please check our regularly updated webpage on Community Exposure to COVID-19 over the past 14 days.

And what you find regarding Bayfield County Community Exposure is -

So again the question is COVID-19 activity is HIGH? There are no COVID-19 exposures over the past 14 days and no known or confirmed active community exposures at this time. The question to be answered by the Bayfield County Health Department is what aren’t you telling the residents of Bayfield County? Why is there the continued “the sky is falling,” mantra being perpetually repeated? The numbers don’t reflect the information you’re telling the residents of the county.

It is also worth remarking that we are now getting reports from the southern part of Wisconsin that accurate reporting of active cases, negative results, positive results, hospitalizations, and deaths, are backlogged. What is being reported on a daily basis may not be an accurate reflection of reality.

The following graphic shows statewide, an 81% recovery rate of all cases in the State of Wisconsin. This recovery rate has been increasing slowly over the past week or two now rising above the 80% mark. And yet we continue to be told that the terrors of COVID-19 here in Wisconsin are as bad as they have ever been and are likely to get even worse.

The implementation of the Statewide, county and local municipality Mask mandates have only served to further the lack of confidence and trust the residents of Wisconsin have in their elected officials and the statewide health departments.

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