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Happy Halloween?

This was posted from the State of Wisconsin Department of Health Services Communications Team sometime today. It is postings and "Safety" admonitions like this that cause me concern. Postings like this continue to lead me to believe that the State of Wisconsin Department of Health Services Communications Team isn't really concerned about my health. They appear to be more concerned about keeping us at home in a self-imposed lockdown or quarantine.

"Get creative! Start new traditions to enjoy the holiday safely." The initial admonishment indicates that they don't feel we've been enjoying previous holidays safely. They've certainly not been around checking on us, so they've failed right from the start. Implied in the statement is that this type of holiday celebration will be something that we're going to have to continue for the foreseeable future. I, for one, am not enrolled in that premise.

I've seen at least one home locally that has done some outdoor decorations. There were quite a few homes decorated for Halloween on our recent trip to Duluth and Superior. "Visit a drive-through haunted house." Is this even a thing? If anyone has a link or photo's of this type of Halloween feature, please leave a description and link in the comments.

"Cook or bake seasonal treats to celebrate." Let's go out to the store on a non-essential trip to buy things we likely don't need, and then what? Who are we to share these baked or cooked seasonal treats? Here in Wisconsin, we're repeatedly cautioned and warned that we need to stay home lest the pandemic continues to run out of control and unrestrained throughout the state. Since we're not supposed to be gathering and then sharing these seasonal treats, we're to eat them all ourselves? Are we being fattened up like the Thanksgiving Turkey or Christmas Goose for something more sinister?

The local, county, and state governments have quashed the one festive time of the year that requires a mask. And yet, they are unable to explain why!

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