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Election fixation on Taxes...

It is now 36 days until the Presidential election on November 3, 2020. And for logical critical thinking people, the statist media and their minions, are once again preoccupied with President Trump and his tax returns. The obvious question is why, and in the larger scheme of things, who cares?

Revelations on Trump's tax returns stoke long-held national security concerns

The President’s Taxes

Speaker Pelosi says Trump's taxes reveal 'national security' issue

Speaker Pelosi is out there parroting the talking points on this faux tax issue. Seeing as she is second in the succession line to the President, shouldn’t we be seeing her tax returns for the past 20 years or so? Where is the constant drumbeat of the statist media and their minions calling for her tax returns to be made public?

Yet another question not being asked by the statist media and their willing minions: What person, persons, or business gave President Trump’s tax return information to the New York Times (NYT)? Reading 26 U.S. Code § 7213, it makes it illegal to disclose unauthorized information, including tax returns.

Things that we’re not seeing the statist media and their minions pursuing with any amount of dogged determination:

Joe Biden Exploited S-Corporation Loophole to Avoid Payroll Tax

Joe Biden Is A Tax Loophole Hypocrite

The NYT article release and subsequent Biden campaign ad on the subject are questionable as well on its face. The release of the article on Sunday, September 27, and the following release of a Biden campaign ad attacking President Trump and his taxes later on that Sunday reeks of collusion.

While the NYT article headline screams of clickbait, the article goes on to state that the NYT has received 20+ years of the President’s tax records. When the President’s attorney asked to see the documentation for verification the NYT refused.

The statist press and their minions within the Democrat party continue to revisit the tax issue again and again over the past four years and have come up empty. This NYT article continues to pile on with more of the same.

If the statist media and their cohorts truly interested in taxes and making sure everyone paid we would see them addressing the Democrat nominee and his running mate Kamala Harris and their tax returns. They would be questioning Biden using a tax loophole to avoid paying taxes.

The turd in the punchbowl that the statist media and their minions have neglected to go after for years is the questionable tax dealings of the Clinton Foundation. Once that inquiry begins we can begin to revisit the entire issue.

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