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Due to Increased Hospitalizations in the Fox Valley...

Wisconsin Governor Evers releases another press missive related to COVID-19.

Due to Increased Hospitalizations in the Fox Valley, Gov. Evers Announces Wisconsin State Fair Park Alternate CareFacilityto Accept COVID-19 Patients October 14

So now, due to increases in hospitalizations, the state is once again opening an alternative Care Facility. The Wisconsin State Fair Park Alternate Care Facility has been ready to accept patients for the past 170 days. However, the facility has gone unused. If this is such a dire crisis here in the state, why is it going to take another week for the facility to begin to accept potential patients?

According to Individual Hospital Statistics for Wisconsin, there are 77 listed hospitals in Wisconsin. I do note that the list appears to be incomplete as the local hospital in Ashland Wisconsin is not listed. The list shows the following four hospitals -

Ascension Columbia Saint Mary's - Women's Hospital

Aurora Saint Luke's South Shore

Marshfield Medical Center – Minocqua

Tomah VA Medical Center

with no staffed beds and no other data. I'm curious as to the status of these facilities. Are they simply an abandoned building? Have the buildings been demolished or converted into real estate lofts, co-working spaces, or turned into low-income housing? What capacity would these four locations provide to the state's overall hospital bed numbers?

According to Individual Hospital Statistics for Wisconsin, of the 77 listed hospitals, there are a total of 11,080 staffed hospital beds. Today's press release from the governor states that there are 853 COVID-19 hospitalizations, in the state. Just over 7.5% of the state's hospital beds are being occupied by COVID-19 patients.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services shows -

They go on to say -

While these numbers are from a running two-week average, none of the data is current. In fact, it's not been updated since 09/29/2020. Are these reported patients who tested positive so sick as to require hospitalization? What type of testing for COVID-19 was performed on these individuals? If a PCR test was performed, are the medical personnel aware that the tests are not for diagnostic use? What was or is the PCR cycle threshold that is being used to determine if the test subject is positive for COVID-19?

It would appear that once again, Governor Evers is not listening or paying attention to the experts or the science. He's preparing for a perceived medical crisis with a better than 90% recovery rate.

"What socialism, fascism and other ideologies of the left have in common is an assumption that some very wise people-like themselves-need to take decisions out of the hands of lesser people, like the rest of us, and impose those decisions by government fiat." - Thomas Sowell

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