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COVID19 Wisconsin.

This is the latest posting from our local county health folks. The three confirmed cases are from back in March of this year. The death was an elderly individual with reported other health issues and was in the hospital.

What isn't clear from this snapshot is the two lines related to testing. Total tested in Bayfield County 1068. This is a county with a population of 15042 residents. So the county has tested 7.1001196649382% of its residents. Total negative tests in Bayfield County 1065. Is the difference here the three individuals from March of this year?

Back on June 10th or 11th the county held COVID19 testing here at the local casino parking lot and tested, according to news reports, more than 650 individuals. Are the recent tests a part of the total number of those tested here in Bayfield County? If not why not?

What portion of the 41 individuals that are currently being monitored are a part of the more than 650 recently tested individuals? Why are local health authorities still awaiting test results for 41 individuals? News reports indicate that individuals that are tested typically have their results back in three to seven days. This means that individuals tested should have had their results back not later than the 17th or 18th of June.

Now, two weeks later and the county health folks are still monitoring individuals who should have already had their test results returned to them. Symptomatic persons without test results? What type of description is this of our county residents? On what basis are they suspect of having or being infected with COVID19. Is there a medical practitioner who has made this determination?

Travelers returning from "high incident areas," leads me to believe that contact tracing is being performed on travelers, with or without their knowledge.

The county data is a good resource and yet offers more questions than answers.

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