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COVID19 Test Results.

Once is a mistake

Twice is a coincidence

Third time is a pattern or trend.

Texas Department of Health removes over 3,000 'probable' COVID-19 cases from

Texas Department of Health removes over 3,000 'probable' COVID-19 cases from overall count

According to the article - The Texas Department of State Health Services removed over 3,000 cases from its statewide COVID-19 cases total because the San Antonio Metro Health District was including probable cases in their case totals.

What other Texas Health districts are guilty of this type of counting?

On July 15, 2020,

Florida department of health exposed for massively inflating COVID-19 positivity rate

The article goes on to state -

According to WOFL, the Florida Department of Health has said that "countless" coronavirus testing sites across The Sunshine State have reported a near 100% positivity rate — which means every single person tested was positive— while other laboratories have reported extremely high positivity rates.

Follow up to the laboratories have found that there was no basis in reality to the figures being reported.

Hancock calls for urgent review into coronavirus death data in England

Not only are test results in question here in the United States, as even the United Kingdom and their revered National Health Service is coming into question regarding their reporting. The high priority review called for by Health Secretary Matt Hancock is due to -

The reason is that anyone who has tested positive for coronavirus but then died at a later date of another cause would still be included in PHE's Covid-19 death figures.

"By this PHE definition, no one with Covid in England is allowed to ever recover from their illness,"

Let's refresh your memory - Once is a mistake, Twice is a coincidence, and a Third time is a pattern or trend. With instances as above is it any wonder that people all over the world are suspect of the news reports or reports from their city, county, or state health officials. If the historical reporting is questionable, what other issues around the pandemic need to be brought into question by critical thinking people?

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