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Confronting the Pandemic...

The pandemic has been ongoing for eight months now with little or no end in sight. There is no prescription to the panic and fear that appears to be permeating our culture. By essentially mandating fear and outlawing joy, the government has brought out the worst in human nature, the exact opposite of what we did after 9/11. This will destroy our civilization unless mass compliance turns into an open revolt.

There has been a lack of leadership and inadequate response, from city, county, and state politicians and experts and certainly no consistent response on how we should be behaving to make things better. Here in Wisconsin, we continue to hear the same old tired and worn out admonitions

  • Wear. A. Mask.

  • Stay more than 6ft apart.

  • Wash your hands.

And since these admonitions and being repeated over and over and over, the state is still in no better medical position than when things first began. It would seem to me that rational thinking people would look at what has been subscribed as best practices and say, “gee, this doesn’t appear to be working.” After all, we’re incessantly told we need to follow the science and listen to the experts.

Again, here in Wisconsin, there have been confusing communication in regards to the pandemic. First gatherings of 250 are ok, now only gatherings of 100. Then we were to wear masks, then no masks, and now masks are a statewide mandate. In the beginning, we could go out to eat, and now maybe eat out but the restaurants that may still be open are only doing sit down dining at 50% capacity. Here locally there are no restaurants that offer sit-down dining, and those that are open are only providing carryout or delivery. To the public officials - the message needs to be consistent and you as leaders need to be leading from the front.

Questions that are not being answered:

  • How do we get Wisconsin back to work?

  • How many small businesses have disappeared since march of 2020?

  • What percentage of the workforce in Wisconsin is working currently?

  • What percentage of the workforce has been lost permanently?

A recent article in the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel decried - The U.S. was the world's best prepared nation to confront a pandemic. How did it spiral to 'almost inconceivable' failure?

And then from one of the experts - Dr. Birx predicts up to 200,000 U.S. coronavirus deaths 'if we do things almost perfectly'

Could it be that the experts, the scientists, and the rest of us should be looking at real-world examples of efforts to confront the pandemic such as - Vilified Early Over Lax Virus Strategy, Sweden Seems to Have Scourge Controlled

Sweden is simply one of many real-world examples of a variety of approaches to address the pandemic.

"If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." -George Patton

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