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Changes to our Elections. 2 of 3.

Currently, the bill known as H.R. 1 or more commonly known as the Corrupt Politicians Act is making its way through Congress. What follows is a list compiled by the Epoch Times on how the bill would change our elections as we know them.

Prohibits the publication of “misleading information” about elections: The bill makes it a federal crime to “communicate or cause to be communicated” information that is knowingly false and designed to discourage voting, carrying a sentence of up to five years. Opponents say the provision raises First Amendment concerns.

Allows felons to vote: Under the Democracy Restoration Act, federal dollars for prisons would be restricted in states that don’t allow ex-convicts to vote. The bill says that all felons can vote unless they are “serving a felony sentence in a correctional institution or facility at the time of the election.”

Mandates early voting: States would be required to allow anyone to cast a ballot during an early voting period prior to the date of the election.

Legalizes nationwide mail-in voting, without photo ID: Absentee voting by mail would be allowed in all federal elections and “may not require an individual to provide any form of identification as a condition of obtaining an absentee ballot.” A witness signature wouldn’t be required.

Promotes ballot harvesting: Any designated person would be allowed to return absentee ballots to any ballot drop-off location or election office, so long as the person doesn’t receive compensation based on the number of ballots he or she collected. Additionally, there would be no limit on the number of absentee ballots any designated person could return.

Requires states to accept ballots 10 days after Election Day: States would be required to accept any mailed ballots postmarked before or on Election Day that arrive within 10 days of the election. The bill allows states to expand that deadline.

Prohibits state election officials from campaigning in federal elections: State election officials would be banned from participating in political management or campaigns for any election in which the officials have supervisory authority. This would most affect states like Georgia, whose secretaries of state have been notably involved in elections.

Requires colleges and universities to hire “campus vote coordinators”: The bill requires institutions of higher learning to employ an official who would be responsible for informing students about elections and encouraging them to register to vote. It would incentivize voter registration by giving grants to institutions that have a high registration rate.

Mandates that states make absentee voter boxes available for45 days within an election: Drop boxes would be made available for individuals to drop off absentee ballots for federal elections at any time, 24 hours a day, during the voting period.

Requires states to allow curbside voting: States may not “prohibit any jurisdiction administering an election for Federal office in the State from utilizing curbside voting as a method by which individuals may cast ballots in the election.”

This is the second ten of 30 points regarding how much of a dumpster fire piece of legislation covering 886 pages. I will have another post regarding this horrible legislation. Please call and or write your congressional representatives and encourage them to vote no on this massive boondoggle of a bill.

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