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CDC and the Pandemic Fatality Rate.

If as many local, county, and statewide officials are exclaiming that the CDC are the experts, here's some good news. As of and updated on September 10.

It certainly doesn't look like the black death. It doesn't look like a return of the Spanish Flu. It doesn't look like the Asian Flu of 1957 and 1958.

Yes, it's sad that people get sick and die. However, we've been continually told and retold and admonished like little petulant children.

  1. Keep gatherings to a minimum.

  2. Limit trips to just the essentials.

  3. Frequently and thoroughly wash hands.

  4. Stay home when sick or if others in your household are sick.

  5. Practice physical distancing at school, at work, and any family functions.

  6. Wear a face-covering/mask in public and around people outside of your household.

Yet, here in Wisconsin, the list of things to do hasn't impacted the virus in any manner. The continued reporting of record cases across the state isn't helpful. It only serves those in charge who continue to promote gloom and doom.

Both sides of the aisle of Wisconsin State elected officials have failed us. I see a total lack of leadership, along with a lack of science-based decision-making. There has been a completely disproportionate response to the virus. Our once strong economy being destroyed right in front of our very eyes. Our city’s finances are in shambles.

City, county, and state officials have failed on a professional level in addressing the virus. They're not paying attention to the experts or the science. They're not looking at or seeking out current, real-world examples of dealing with the virus.

Let's call an end to the nonsense and silliness that have surrounded this failed experiment. Yes, protect the vulnerable. Now throw open the doors to our economy and schools and allow the United States to be free and productive people once again.

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