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Big Problems with Big Testing...

Why mass PCR testing of the healthy and asymptomatic is currently counter-productive

The CDC’s document on testing guidance now includes the following information:

  • If you do not have COVID-19 symptoms and have not been in close contact with someone known to have a COVID-19 infection:

  • You do not need a test. 

  • A negative test does not mean you will not contract an infection at a later time.

  • If you decide to be tested, you should self-isolate at home until your test results are known, and then adhere to your health care provider’s advice. This does not apply to routine screening or surveillance testing at work, school, or similar situations.

Current PCR tests provide evidence of the presence of viral RNA but no information about whether the individual is infectious

Now, this information is from the "experts" and "scientists." Currently, in Wisconsin, there have been 1.363,563 tests performed. No mention if they are all Wisconsin residents or visitors or other family members from other states and localities. Wisconsin's population is 5,851,750. 1,363,563 is 23.301798607254% of 5,851,750. Therefore testing has been done on just under a quarter of the population of the state since testing began on March 16, 2020. Daily testing is averaging 7,451tests given or performed per day.

Without boring everyone with lots of math and numbers the question to ask is how many in the state, or in your state need to be tested before the lockdowns, mask mandates and pandemic perturbation subside?

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