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Biden: Voters "Don't Deserve" To Know...

A rather bold statement from a career politician of 47 years time in mostly spent inside the beltway.

Two important things from the video. One, the words of Joe Biden. Secondly, they appear to be taking social distancing to an extreme for the interview, in which case the masks aren't necessary.

Let's get back to the voters not deserving. Conventional wisdom, mainstream media polls are reporting that the voters want the next president to pick the new justice for the Supreme Court. It would seem that if the voters are desiring this outcome, then the voters need to know Biden's position.

And then if you have more than the attention span of a gnat, you'll remember the following...

Biden is keeping on track with the Democrat playbook of having to find out later what we're going to do after we do it.

American voters deserve better than being treated like second class citizens. The politicians on both sides of the aisle have completely lost track of the fact that they work for us, the voters of this country. Please make sure you get out to vote in person on November 3, 2020

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