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Biden Stain Scrubbed: Big Tech Bleaches Biden Hard Drive Scandal from Social Media

How many of you know of someone, anyone who thinks that Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube is the internet? These are people who spend hour upon hour reading or tweeting and retweeting, liking, and sharing things that they've only seen in these areas of social media real estate. Their thought process is that, well, I saw it posted on Facebook or Twitter, by someone, or watched a video about it on YouTube, so it must be so. With the 2020 Presidential Election just nine days away, these myopic people are voting or going to vote based on their social media viewing.

The much larger question and discussion to be had on these social media behemoths' monopolistic nature is the nature of their abilities to, unhindered, barefaced, and unrepentantly, censor freedom of expression and thought by their users.

Journalism was founded and reporting based upon the Five W's and H. Who, What Where, When Why and How. That is what a fair and balanced news story or report could be. These days stories and reports that masquerade as "news" bear no resemblance to the Five W's and H.

The critical thinking individual will spend the time to search out trusted individuals, these days, those citizen journalists who continue to hold to the founding principles of journalism and present the news.

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