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74th Assembly District.

I’ve not written much if at all about our local politics. I keep track of local nearly as much as I do the political winds on the national level. Five years ago, I would attend nearly all of the city council and related committee meetings and added the local township monthly meetings.

More recently and due to the pandemic, like many others, meetings have moved on-line, which has meant making sure I have all the virtual meeting software at the ready. There is not one favorite or consensus about what software to use by any of the local governments. It is also an interesting observation that despite the six to nine months of using their particular meeting software, all participants still haven’t got the software figured out how to use it properly. There is also a dire need for a class on virtual meeting etiquette for those participating.

The Friday prior to the election I did receive an email from the Beth Meyers campaign. This wasn't about what she or the Wisconsin Democrat party would do going forward after November 3, 2020. Rather I found the following from her email most telling.

After nearly 200 days of inaction from my colleagues on the right side of the isle, Speaker Vos finally admitted what has been obvious to so many struggling families across our state. As cases are exploding, Speaker Vos said, “What we’re doing now as a state isn’t working.”

When asked about whether he takes any responsibility for the current crisis in Wisconsin, Speaker Vos simply said no.

These statements come after the Wisconsin GOP has used every tool at their disposal to undermine Governor Evers’ efforts to control the virus. Throughout this pandemic, Republicans have decided to play politics with our livelihoods. They have put partisanship over our economy, our health, and our state.

I'll agree with Speaker Vos, that what the state has been doing over the past nine months to address all aspects of the pandemic isn't and hasn't worked. I'll side with Representative Meyers on his lack of taking some amount of responsibility for the issues as well. Both sides of the Wisconsin State elected officials have failed us. I see a total lack of leadership, along with a lack of science-based decision-making. There has been a completely disproportionate response to the virus, and our once strong economy being destroyed right in front of our very eyes. Our city’s finances are in shambles.

Virtual meetings notwithstanding, we have had our mailbox continually filled with slumgullion of political dead trees over the past months. Timing is everything and possibly even more so in political election races. The following showed up in our mailbox over the past couple of days.

I did read the Chooses Criminals flyer and looked up the references and citations that were included. It appears to me that the flyer is spot on. The flyer on the property tax bill requires a bit more investigation. I’ve begun to investigate online, and this is an area that I apparently need to learn about. That being said, I can’t and won’t pass judgment on the validity of the flyer.

I would presume that the Republican Party of Wisconsin would have done their due diligence and that the flyer is accurate.

I do know Representative Beth Meyers, as she lives in the local area. She has been responsive when I’ve either sent out emails or when she’s had a listening session here in our small rural town in Northern Wisconsin. We’ve always had pleasant and civil conversations. To me, this is a prime example of being able to be personable and friendly, despite or regardless of our political leanings.

The election is coming up this Tuesday, November 3. If you’ve not voted already, please make sure that you get to the polls on Tuesday and cast your vote in person.

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